Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard Keyboard Shortcuts
Keys for selecting tools
H Hand tool
Spacebar Temporarily select Hand tool
V Select tool
G Snapshot tool
Shift+Z Cycle through zoom tools
Z Current zoom tool
Shift Temporarily select Dynamic Zoom tool (whenMarquee Zoom tool is selected)
Ctrl Temporarily zoom out (when Marquee Zoomtool is selected)
R Select Object tool
O Object Data tool
A Article tool
C Crop tool
L Link tool
Keys for editing
Ctrl+A Select all content
Ctrl+Shift+A Deselect all content
Ctrl+0 Fit page
Keys for working with comments
S Sticky Note tool
E Text Edits tool
K Stamp tool
U Current highlighting tool
Shift+U Cycle through highlighting tools: Highlighter, Cross-Out Text, Underline Text
D Arrow tool
Shift+D Cycle through drawing tools: Rectangle, Oval, Line, Polygon, Polygon Line, Pencil Tool, Eraser Tool
X Text Box tool
J Attach file as comment
Shift+J Cycle through attach tools: Attach File, Attach Sound, Paste Clipboard Image
Tab Move focus to comment
Shift+Tab Move focus to next comment
Enter Open pop-up window for comment that has focus
O Send and receive comments in browser-based review
I Go back online
Keys for navigating a PDF
Page Up Previous screen
Page Down Next screen
Home or Shift+Ctrl+Page Up or Shift+Ctrl+Up Arrow First page
End or Shift+Ctrl+Page Down or Shift+Ctrl+Down Arr Last page
Left Arrow or Ctrl+Page Up Previous page
Right Arrow or Ctrl+Page Down Next page
Alt+Left Arrow Previous view
Alt+Right Arrow Next view
Alt+Shift+Left Arrow Previous document (with multiple PDFs openin a single document window)
Alt+Shift+Right Arrow Next document (with multiple PDFs open ina single document window)
Up Arrow Scroll up
Down Arrow Scroll down
Spacebar Scroll (when Hand tool is selected)
Ctrl+equal sign Zoom in
Ctrl+hyphen Zoom out
Keys for general navigating
F9 Show/hide menu bar
F10 Move focus to menus
Shift+F8 Move focus to toolbar in browser
Ctrl+F6 Move to next open document (when focus is on document pane)
Ctrl+Shift+F6 Move to previous open document (when focus is on document pane)
Ctrl+F4 Close current document
Ctrl+Shift+W Close all open windows
F6 Move focus to next tabbed page or palette
Shift+F6 Move focus to previous pane or panel
Tab Move focus to next comment, link, or form field in the document pane
F5 Move focus to document pane
Shift+Tab Move focus to previous comment, link, or form field in the document pane
Spacebar or Enter Activate selected tool, item (such as a movie or bookmark), or command
Shift+F10 Open context menu
F10 Close context menu
Esc Return to Hand tool or Select tool
Ctrl+Tab Move focus to next tab in a tabbed dialog box
F3 Move to next search result and highlight it in the document
Shift+Arrow keys Select text (with Select tool selected)
Ctrl+Right Arrow or Left Arrow Select next word or deselect previous word (with Select tool selected)
Keys for working with navigation panels
F4 Show/hide navigation pane
Ctrl+Shift+F5 Open and move focus to navigation pane
F6 Move focus among the document, message bar,and navigation panels
Tab Move focus to next element of the active navigationpanel: Trash Can, Options menu, Close box, panel contents, or panelbutton
Up Arrow or Down Arrow Move to previous or next navigation paneland make it active (when focus is on the panel button)
Ctrl+Tab Move to next navigation panel and make itactive (when focus is anywhere in the navigation pane)
Right Arrow or Shift+plus sign Expand the current bookmark (focus on Bookmarkspanel)
Left Arrow or minus sign Collapse the current bookmark (focus on Bookmarkspanel)
Shift+* Expand all bookmarks
Forward Slash (/) Collapse selected bookmark
Down Arrow Move focus to next item in a navigation panel
Up Arrow Move focus to previous item in a navigationpanel
Keys for navigating the Help window
F1 Open Help window
Ctrl+W or Alt+F4 Close Help window
Ctrl+Tab Move focus between navigation pane and topicpane
Tab Move focus to the next link within a pane
Shift+Tab Move focus to the previous link within a pane
Keys for navigating the How To panel
Shift+F4 Open or close How To panel
Shift+F1 Open and move focus to How To panel
Home Go to How To home page from a How To topic
Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Tab Move focus between the elements of the HowTo panel and the header of the How To panel
Tab Move focus down through the elements ofthe How To panel
Shift+Tab Move focus up through the elements of theHow To panel
Right Arrow Go forward to next page in How To panel viewinghistory
Left Arrow Go back to previous page in How To panel viewinghistory
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