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Adobe Bridge CS3 Keyboard Shortcuts
Keys not displayed in menu commands or tool tips
Ctrl+\ Switch between As Thumbnails and As Detailsviews
Tab Show/hide panels
Ctrl+F7 through Ctrl+F12 Switch to user-defined workspaces
Ctrl+' Assign a one-star rating
Ctrl+plus sign (+) Increase thumbnail size
Ctrl+minus sign (-) Decrease thumbnail size
Ctrl+Shift+plus sign (+) Step thumbnail size up
Ctrl+Shift+minus sign (-) Step thumbnail size down
Up Arrow Move up a folder (in folder view) or a row
Down Arrow Move down a folder (in folder view) or arow
Ctrl+Up Arrow Move up a level (in folder view)
Ctrl+Down Arrow Move down a level (in folder view)
Left Arrow Move left one item
Right Arrow Move right one item
Home Move to the first item
End Move to the last item
Ctrl-click Add to selection (discontiguous)
F5 Refresh tree and thumbnail panes
Shift + Right Arrow, Left Arrow, Up Arrow,or Down Add an item to the selection
F1 Display Help
Tab Rename next
Shift+Tab Rename previous
Alt-click Select inverse in Filter panel
Ctrl+Alt+A Clear filter items
Click Display Loupe tool in Preview panel
Ctrl-click Additional Loupes in Preview panel (multipleselection)
Ctrl-click-drag Move Loupe tools simultaneously
+ Zoom in with Loupe tool
- Zoom out with Loupe tool
Select+plus sign (+) Zoom in with Loupe tool (multiple selection)
Select+minus sign (-) Zoom out with Loupe tool (multiple selection)
Alt-click Select all items in a stack
Shift+Ctrl+M Mark selected Version Cue file as checked out
Shift+Ctrl+B Synchronize local view and server view of selectedVersion Cue file
Shift+Ctrl+V Create saved version of selected Version Cuefile
Shift+Alt+Ctrl+V Open Version Cue Versions dialog box

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