AutoCad 2009 Keyboard Shortcuts
Alt + F8 VBA Run
Alt + F11 VBA Editor
Ctrl + 1 Properties Palette
Ctrl + 2 DesignCenter Palette
Ctrl + 3 Tool Palette
Ctrl + 4 Sheet Set Manager Palette
Ctrl + 5 Info Palette
Ctrl + 6 DBConnect Manager
Ctrl + 7 Markup Set Manager Palette
Ctrl + A Selects objects in drawing
Ctrl + B Toggles Snap
Ctrl + C Copies objects to Clipboard
Ctrl + Shift + C Copies objects to Clipboard with Base Point
Ctrl + D Toggles coordinate display
Ctrl + E Cycles through isometric planes
Ctrl + F Toggles running object snaps
Ctrl + G Toggles Grid
Ctrl + H Toggles PICKSTYLE on/off
Ctrl + J Executes last command
Ctrl + K Hyperlink
Ctrl + L Toggles Ortho mode
Ctrl + N Creates a new drawing
Ctrl + O Opens existing drawing
Ctrl + P Prints current drawing
Ctrl + Q Exit
Ctrl + R Cycles layout viewports
Ctrl + S Saves current drawing
Ctrl + Shift + S Save as
Ctrl + T Toggles Tablet mode
Ctrl + V Pastes data from Clipboard
Ctrl + Shift + V Pastes data from Clipboard as Block
Ctrl + Y Repeats last action
Ctrl + Z Reverses last action
Ctrl + [ Cancels current command
F1 Displays Help
F2 Toggles text window on/off
F3 Toggles OSNAP
F4 Toggles TABMODE
F6 Toggles COORDS
F9 Toggles SNAP MODE
F10 Toggles POLAR
F11 Toggles OTRACK
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