Firefox 3.5 Keyboard Shortcuts
Alt + Left Arrow or Backspace Back
Alt + Right Arrow or Shift + Backspace Forward
Alt+ Home Home
Ctrl+ O Open File
F5 or Ctrl + R Reload
Ctrl + F5 or Ctrl+ Shift + R Reload (override cache)
Esc Stop
Current Page
End Go to Bottom of Page
Home Go to Top of Page
F6 Move to Next Frame
Shift + F6 Move to Previous Frame
Ctrl+ I Page Info
Ctrl+ U Page Source
Ctrl+ P Print
Ctrl+ S Save Page As
Ctrl+ + Zoom In
Ctrl+ - Zoom Out
Ctrl+ 0 Zoom Reset
Ctrl+ C Copy
Ctrl+ X Cut
Delete Delete
Ctrl+ V Paste
Ctrl + Y Redo
Ctrl+ A Select All
Ctrl+ Z Undo
Ctrl+ F Find
F3 or Ctrl+ G Find Again
' Find As You Type Link
/ Find As You Type Text
Shift + F3 Find Previous
Ctrl+ K or Ctrl + E Web Search
Windows & Tabs
Ctrl+ W or Ctrl + F4 Close Tab
Ctrl+ Shift + W or Alt + F4 Close Window
Ctrl+ Left Arrow or Ctrl+ Up Arrow Move Tab Left
(when tab is focused)
Ctrl+ Right Arrow or Ctrl+ Down Arrow Move Tab Right
(when tab is focused)
Ctrl + Home Move Tab to Beginning
(when tab is focused)
Ctrl+ End Move Tab to End
(when tab is focused)
Ctrl+ T New Tab
Ctrl+ N New Window
Ctrl + Tab or or Ctrl + Page Down Next Tab
Alt+Enter Open Address in New Tab
(from Location Bar or Search Bar)
Ctrl + Shift + Tab or or Ctrl + Page Up Previous Tab
Ctrl+ Shift + T Undo Close Tab
Ctrl +( 1 to 8 ) Select Tab (1 to 8)
Ctrl + 9 Select Last Tab
Ctrl+ Shift + D Bookmark All Tabs
Ctrl+ D Bookmark This Page
Ctrl+ B or Ctrl + I Bookmarks
F7 Caret Browsing
Ctrl + J Downloads
Ctrl + H History
Ctrl+ Shift + Del Clear Recent History
Ctrl+ Shift + J Error Console
Ctrl + Shift + B Library window
Ctrl + Shift + P Toggle Private Browsing
Ctrl+Enter Complete .com Address
Shift +Enter Complete .net Address
Ctrl+ Shift +Enter Complete .org Address
Del Delete Selected Autocomplete Entry
F11 Full Screen
Alt + D or F6 or Ctrl+ L Select Location Bar
Alt+ Up Arrow or Alt+ Down Arrow or F4 Select or Manage Search Engines
(when Search Bar is focused)
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