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Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 Keyboard Shortcuts
F6 Switch the cursor between the Administrator's Guide topic pane and the navigation pane (tabs such as Contents, Search, and Index).
ALT + Underlined letter of the tab Change between tabs (for example, Contents, Search, and Index) while in the navigation pane.
TAB Select the next hidden text or hyperlink.
Shift+TAB Select the previous hidden text or hyperlink.
ENTER Perform the action for the selected Show All, Hide All, hidden text, or hyperlink.
ALT+O Display the Options menu to access an Administrator's Guide toolbar command.
ALT+O, and then press T Hide or show the pane containing the Contents, Search, and Index tabs.
ALT+O, and then press B Display the previously viewed topic.
ALT+O, and then press F Display the next topic in a previously displayed sequence of topics.
ALT+O, and then press H Return to the specified home page.
ALT+O, and then press S Stop the Administrator's Guide window from opening an Administrator's Guide topic (useful if you want to stop a Web page from downloading).
ALT+O, and then press I Open the Internet Options dialog box for Microsoft Internet Explorer, where you can change accessibility settings.
ALT+O, and then press R Refresh the topic (useful if you have linked to a Web page).
ALT+O, and then press P Print all topics in a book or a selected topic only.
ALT+F4 Close the Administrator's Guide window.

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