OpenOffice Base Keyboard Shortcuts
Ctrl + O Open entry in the File menu
Alt Calling Menus
Shift + Ctrl + S to open the Special Characters dialog to insert one or more special characters
Ctrl + A to select the entire text
Ctrl + Delete to delete everything from the cursor position to the end of the word
Insert Switch between the insert mode and the overwrite mode and back again
Ctrl + Z Undo modifications one step at a time
Shift + Ctrl + Q Terminate a macro that is currently running
Ctrl + S Saves the current document.
Ctrl + N Creates a new document.
Shift + Ctrl + N Opens Templates and Documents dialog.
Ctrl + P Prints document.
Ctrl + Q Exits application
Ctrl + X Cuts out the selected elements.
Ctrl + C Copies the selected items.
Ctrl + V Pastes from the clipboard.
Ctrl + Shift + V Opens the Paste Special dialog.
Ctrl + Y Redoes last action.
Ctrl + F Calls the Find & Replace dialog.
Ctrl + Shift + F Searches for the last entered search term.
Ctrl + Shift + J Toggles the view between fullscreen mode and normal mode in Writer or Calc
Ctrl + Shift + R Redraws the document view.
Shift + Ctrl + I Enable or disable the selection cursor in read-only text.
Ctrl + I The Italic attribute is applied to the selected area
Ctrl + B The Bold attribute is applied to the selected area
Ctrl + U The Underlined attribute is applied to the selected area
Function keys
F1 Starts the Help
Shift + F1 Context Help
Shift + F2 Turns on Extended Tips for the currently selected command. icon or control
Alt + F4 Closes the current document (close when the last open document is closed)
F6 Sets focus in next subwindow (for example. document/data source view)
Shift + F6 Sets focus in previous subwindow.
F10 Activates the first menu (File menu)
Shift + F10 Opens the context menu.
Ctrl + F11 Opens the Style Catalog
Drawing Objects
Tab Selects the next Drawing Object.
Ctrl + Home Selects the first Drawing Object.
Ctrl + End Selects the last Drawing Object.
Esc Ends Drawing Object selection
Shift + Spacebar Select an additional point in Point Selection mode
Gallery preview area
Ctrl + Shift + Insert Inserts the selected object as a linked object into the current document
Ctrl + I Inserts a copy of the selected object into the current document.
Ctrl + T Opens the Enter Title dialog.
Ctrl + P Switches between themes view and object view.
Spacebar Spacebar Switches between themes view and object view.
Table selection
Spacebar Spacebar Toggles row selection. except when the row is in edit mode
Ctrl + Spacebar Toggles row selection
Shift + Spacebar Selects the current column
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