OpenOffice Draw Keyboard Shortcuts
Enter Activates the focused button in a dialog.
Esc Terminates the action or dialog. If in Help: goes up one level.
Spacebar Toggles the focused check box in a dialog.
Arrow Keys Changes the active control field in an option section of a dialog.
Tab Advances focus to the next section or element in a dialog
Shift + Tab Moves the focus to the previous section or element in a dialog
Alt + Down Arrow Opens the list of the control field currently selected in a dialog. These shortcut keys apply not only to combo boxes but also to icon buttons with pop-up menus. Close an opened list by pressing the Escape key.
Delete Deletes the selected items into the recycle bin
Shift + Delete Deletes the selected items without putting them in the recycle bin.
Ctrl + O Opens a document.
Ctrl + S Saves the current document
Ctrl + N Creates a new document.
Ctrl + P Prints document.
Ctrl + C Copies the selected items.
Ctrl + Shift + V Opens the Paste Special dialog
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