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Sharepoint Portal Server 2003 Keyboard Shortcuts
General web page
ALT+S Move between search elements on the page, in the following order:
ALT+W Move between Web Parts
ALT+\ Modify My Page or Modify Shared Page in My Site and in certain views of other Web Part Pages
ALT+N Add new link to the My Links Summary Web Part in My Site
Site Settings
ALT+U Manage users
ALT+S Manage security and additional settings
ALT+B Manage alerts settings
ALT+P Change portal site properties and SharePoint site creation settings
ALT+M Manage portal site structure
ALT+G Manage top-level lists and document libraries
ALT+C Use Topic Assistant
ALT+I Manage targeted links on My Site
ALT+J Import SharePoint Portal Server 2001 data
ALT+W Change document library settings
ALT+Z Delete the document library associated with this portal site
ALT+X Configure search and indexing
ALT+N Manage search scopes
ALT+A Use search scope from another portal site
ALT+Q Manage keywords
ALT+K Manage profile database
ALT+D Manage audiences
ALT+R Go to SharePoint Portal Server Central Administration
Sharepoint Central Administration
ALT+I Select some of the server configuration links in the following order:
ALT+N Create a portal site
ALT+L List and manage portal sites
ALT+C Select the following links in the Portal Site and Virtual Server Configuration section:
ALT+G Select the following links, most of which are security configuration links:
ALT+S Select some of the component configuration links in the following order:
ALT+D Configure document libraries (Web Storage System-based)
ALT+R Configure diagnostic settings
Configure Server Topology page
ALT+C Configuration database server
ALT+N Content database server
ALT+M Component settings database server
ALT+O Single sign-on credentials
ALT+R Remove Server
Manage Web Site Users page
ALT+W View Users
ALT+U Update (New User)
ALT+I View
ALT+P Update (Enter Site User)

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