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WinRAR Keyboard Shortcuts
Ctrl+O Open archive
Ctrl+D Change drive
Ctrl+P Set default password
Ctrl+C Copy files to clipboard
Ctrl+V Paste files from clipboard
Ctrl+A Select all
+ Select group (use numeric keypad)
- Deselect group (use numeric keypad)
* Invert selection (use numeric keypad)
Alt+A Add files to archive
Alt+E Extract to the specified folder
Alt+T Test archived files
Alt+V View file
Del Delete files
F2 Rename file
Ctrl+I Print file
Alt+W Extract without confirmation
Alt+M Add archive comment
Alt+P Protect archive from damage
Alt+L Lock archive
Alt+D Scan archive for viruses
Alt+Q Convert archives
Alt+R Repair archive
Alt+X Convert archive to SFX
F3 Find files
Alt+I Show information
Alt+G Generate report
Alt+B Benchmark and hardware test
Ctrl+F Add to favourites
Ctrl+S Settings
Ctrl+T Show disk folders
Ctrl+T Show archive folders
Ctrl+L View log
F1 Help

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