Windows 7 Journal Keyboard Shortcuts
Ctrl+N Start a new note
Ctrl+O Open a recently used note
Ctrl+S Save changes to a note
Ctrl+Shift+V Move a note to a specific folder
Ctrl+P Print a note
Alt+F4 Close a note and its Journal window
Ctrl+Z Undo a change
Ctrl+Y Redo a change
Ctrl+A Select all items on a page
Ctrl+X Cut a selection
Ctrl+C Copy a selection to the Clipboard
Ctrl+V Paste a selection from the Clipboard
Esc Cancel a selection
Delete Delete a selection
Ctrl+F Start a basic find
Ctrl+G Go to a page
F5 Refresh find results
F5 Refresh the note list
F6 Toggle between a note list and a note
Ctrl+Shift+C Display a shortcut menu for column headings in a note list
F11 View a note in full-screen mode
F1 Open Journal Help
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