Windows network administrator's command line tools

While we love and breathe keyboard shortcuts there is so much more that you can do without lifting your fingers from your keyboard. Here we compiled here a few essential command line tools used daily by Windows network administrators.
Most of these from the command should be executed from the command line but some have their own UI so you can also start them from the Windows Run dialog box (Windows Logo + R)
Also note that some of these tools are specific to the version of Windows you are running so check the XP/Vista column to know which one to use where.

Name Description XP Vista
cmstp Connection Manager Profile Installer - installs or removes Connection Manager service profiles. YES YES
firewall.cpl Opens windows firewall. YES YES
fsmgmt.msc Open shared folders. YES YES
inetcpl.cpl Internet Properties control YES YES
ipconfig IP Configuration display tool. Display current TCP/IP settings. YES YES
napclcfg.msc Network Access Protection configuration tool YES YES
nbtstat Displays protocol statistics and current TCP/IP connections using NBT. YES YES
ncpa.cpl or control netconnections Network connections YES YES
net Update, fix, or view the network or network settings YES YES
netsetup.cpl Network Setup Wizard YES NO
netsh Configure dynamic and static network information from the command prompt. YES YES
nslookup Look up an IP address of a domain or host on a network YES YES
pathping View and locate locations of network latency. This is a good tracert alternative. YES YES
route View and configure windows network route tables. YES YES
shrpubw.exe Create Shared Folder YES YES
sysdm.cpl System Properties control – Change computer name and domain membership. YES YES
telephon.cpl Opens phone and Modem options YES YES
telnet MS Telnet Client Telnet to another computer / device from the prompt. Used to troubleshoot network connectivity problems or to initiate simple connections.
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tracert View and locate network latency problems. A newer alternative is pathping. YES YES
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