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Winzip Keyboard Shortcuts
F1 Activate help system
F7 Move an archive.
F8 Copy an archive
Alt+F4 Exit (terminate) WinZip
Ctrl+A Select all items in the list box.
Ctrl+N Create a new archive.
Ctrl+O Open an existing archive.
Ctrl+P Print a listing of files in an archive.
Shift+A Add files to an archive.
Shift+C Activate the CheckOut feature.
Shift+D Delete files from an archive.
Shift+E Extract files from an archive.
Shift+F Favorite Folders.
Shift+G View, add, or edit a comment.
Shift+H Split a Zip file.
Shift+I Install files in an archive.
Shift+K Create a self-extracting archive.
Shift+L Close an archive.
Shift+M Mail an archive.
Shift+R Rename an archive.
Shift+T Test an archive.
Shift+U UUencode an archive.
Shift+V View files in an archive.
Shift+W Switch to the Wizard interface.
Shift+Y Encrypt all files in a Zip file.
Shift+Z Create a New Zip File on CD or DVD.
Direction key(s) Move the cursor and/or scroll a list.
Shift+direction keys Select multiple items in a list box.
Enter Same as double clicking in the main window.

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