XMLSpy 2007 Enterprise Edition Keyboard Shortcuts
Shortcuts by key
F1 Help Menu
F3 Find Next
F5 Refresh
F7 Check well-formedness
F8 Validate
F9 Insert/Remove breakpoint
Shift+F9 Insert/Remove tracepoint
CTRL+F9 Enable/Disable breakpoint
Shift+CTRL+F9 Enable/Disable tracepoint
F10 XSL Transformation
CTRL+F10 XSL:FO Transformation
F11 Step into
CTRL+F11 Step Over
Shift + F11 Step Out
Alt+F11 Start Debugger/Go
Num + Expand
Num - Collapse
Num * Expand fully
CTRL+Num- Collapse unselected
CTRL + G Goto line/char
CTRL+TAB Switches between open documents
CTRL+F6 Cycle through open windows
Arrow up/down Move selection bar
Esc. Abandon edits/close dialog box
Return/Space bar confirms a selection
Alt + F4 Closes XMLSpy
CTRL + F4 Closes active window
Alt + F, 1 Open last file
CTRL + Double click an element (Schema view) Display element definition
CTRL + N File New
CTRL + O File Open
CTRL + S File Save
CTRL + P File Print
CTRL + A Select All
Shift + Del Cut (or CTRL + X)
CTRL + C Copy
CTRL + V Paste
CTRL + Z Undo
CTRL + Y Redo
Del Delete (Delete item in Schema/Enhanced Grid view)
CTRL + F Find
F3 Find Next
CTRL + H Replace
CTRL + I Append Attribute
CTRL + E Append Element
CTRL + T Append Text
CTRL + M Append Comment
CTRL + Shift + I Insert Attribute
CTRL + Shift + E Insert Element
CTRL + Shift + T Insert Text content
CTRL + Shift + D Insert CDATA
CTRL + Shift + M Insert Comment
CTRL + ALT + I Add Child Attribute
CTRL + ALT + E Add Child Element
CTRL + ALT + T Add Child Text
CTRL + ALT + D Add Child CDATA
CTRL + ALT + M Add Child Comment
Shortcuts by function
Abandon edits Esc.
Add Child Attribute CTRL + ALT + I
Add Child CDATA CTRL + ALT + D
Add Child Comment CTRL + ALT + M
Add Child Element CTRL + ALT + E
Add Child Text CTRL + ALT + T
Append Attribute CTRL + I
Append Comment CTRL + M
Append Element CTRL + E
Append Text CTRL + T
Check well-formedness F7
Closes active window CTRL + F4
Close XMLSpy Alt + F4
Collapse Num -
Collapse unselected CTRL + Num-
Confirms a selection Return / Space bar
Copy CTRL + C
Cut SHIFT + Del (or CTRL + X)
Cycle through windows CTRL + TAB and CTRL + F6
Delete item Del
Enable/Disable breakpoint CTRL + F9
Enable/Disable tracepoint Shift + CTRL + F9
Expand Num +
Expand fully Num *
File New CTRL + N
File Open CTRL + O
File Print CTRL + P
File Save CTRL + S
Find CTRL + F
Find Next F3
Goto line/char CTRL + G
Help Menu F1
Insert Attribute CTRL + SHIFT + I
Insert Comment CTRL + SHIFT + M
Insert Element CTRL + SHIFT + E
Insert/Remove breakpoint F9
Insert/Remove tracepoint SHIFT+F9
Insert Text content CTRL + SHIFT + T
Move selection bar Arrow keys (up / down)
Open last file Alt + F, 1
Paste CTRL + V
Redo CTRL + Y
Refresh F5
Replace CTRL + H
Select All CTRL + A
Start Debugger/Go Alt + F11
Step Into F11
Step Out Shift + F11
Step Over CTRL + F11
To view an element definition CTRL + Double click on an element.
Undo CTRL + Z
Validate F8
XSL Transformation F10
XSL:FO Transformation CTRL + F10
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